Meeting with CMD BSNL : GS, President met CMD BSNL & requested to allow to issue DE to DGM(T) promotion on Adhoc basis. CMD BSNL assured to look into the matter.
02.05.2019:  Meeting with PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO : GS, President met PGM(Pers.) and discussed regarding DE to DGM promotion on adhoc basis. PGM(Pers.) mentioned that the CPC work from DE to DGM promotion is in progress. All the VCRs have been received. The seniority list of SDEs/DEs have also been finalized. He  assured to expedite CPC for issuing DE to DGM promotion at the earliest. We may expect DE to DGM promotion in the next week only.

CPC from CAO to DGM(Fin.) : We requested to initiate CPC from CAO to DGM(Fin.) to fill up 26 vacant DGM(Fin.) posts by taking MC approval for relaxation in the eligibility criteria. PGM(Pers.) mentioned that MC Memo is being prepared for taking approval from MC at the earliest.