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AIBSNLEA extends its moral & solidarity support to the General Strike called by Central Trade Unions on 08th & 09th , January, 2019.

 Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS, President  & AGS (Fin) met CMD, BSNL and greeted him on New Year. CMD mentioned that for the growth of BSNL both Management and Employees should work together and make BSNL to turn around so as to regain its original glory in this New Year 2019. We discussed regarding

(a) DE (Regular) to DGM (T) Adhoc Promotion:  We extended our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL for allowing CPC from DE to DGM (T) to fill up the 891vacant posts. We requested CMD for early issuance of the promotion orders. We appraised him about the status of the Court Judgements on TES Gr.B seniority cases. CMD assured to discuss the matter with Dir (HR).

(b) Status of the AUAB demands in DOT:  We enquired about the status of the AUAB demands in DOT and the constitution of committee comprising DOT/BSNL officers and AUAB representatives. CMD BSNL informed that DOT desired to hold the meeting of the committee in the last week but the AUAB representatives were not available, thus the Committee meeting may take place in this week end..

(c) 6th AIC at Vijayawada, AP: We extended our invitation to CMD, BSNL for attending  6th AIC of AIBSNLEA being held at Vijayawada, AP w.e.f. 9th April to 11th April 2019 as chief Guest. CMD assured to make it convenient to attend the AIC.

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