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GS discussed with GM(Pers.) regarding DE to DGM(T) promotion and requested to issue promotion orders at the earliest. GM (Pers.) mentioned that all the VCRs of eligible DEs for promotion have been received. CPC work is in progress & will be expedited shortly. He assured for issuing promotion orders from DE to DGM(T) to fill up 891 DGM vacant posts.

JTO to SDE(T) promotion: We further requested GM(Pers.) to issue JTO to SDE(T) promotion orders to fill up about 4900 vacant SDE(T) posts. GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC work is in progress & efforts are being made to expedite CPC at the earliest but the contempt case on this issue is listed for hearing on 7th Jan., 2019 in Hon’ble CAT Ernakulum. In view of this promotion orders may be issued after 7th Jan., 2019 only.

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