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Proposed AUAB Meeting with Secy(T), DoT: Today morning at 10.30 AM Secy(T), DoT hold a meeting with CMD BSNL, Director(HR) & GM(SR) wherein Secy(T) wanted to discuss the demands of AUAB with General Secretaries of AUAB but all the GSs were not available at Delhi  thus the next meeting is fixed upon 2nd Nov., 2018 at 17.00Hrs in DoT with Secy(T), DoT.

In today’s meeting Secy(T) mentioned that DoT is seriously implementing all the assurances given by Hon’ble MOSC (l/C) to AYUB Leaders in the meeting held on 24th Feb., 2018. Secy(T) DoT further informed that before 2nd Nov., 2018 Cabinet Note on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL and 4G Spectrum allocation to BSNL will be ready for further necessary action.

DoT recommendations on payment of pension contributions on actual basic pay of BSNL employees will be send to DOE for clearance shortly. Pension revision of BSNL pensioners is also under active consideration. Secy(T) DoT  advised CMD BSNL &  Director(HR), BSNL Board to inform this status to all the leaders of AUAB. Secy(T) will be on tour from 29th Oct.,, 2018 to 1st Nov., 2018 thus the meeting is fixed up on 2ndNov., 2018.  <<<<Click here for the appeal of GM(SR), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi>>>>

Press release of the AUAB, to be issued to the media, in the “Press Meets” to be conducted on 29.10.2018. All Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to issue this press release to the media in the regional language….<<<Click here for Press Release>>>>


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