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 AIBSNLEA efforts in achieving 30% Superannuation benefit for the BSNL recruited  employees :-

 AIBSNLEA along with other unions and associations strongly demanded 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited executives as per the recommendations of 2nd PRC. BSNL was giving  18% superannuation benefit  in terms of gratuity, EPF and Medical benefit etc., to BSNL recruited employees. The pension through EPF is a meager amount to DR employees  in comparison to BSNL absorbed employees Pensionary benefit  as per the CCS(CCA)Rules.1972.The EPF contribution of DR employees was also settled by the  vigorous  pursuance of AIBSNLEA  in the year 2004-2005 and persuaded to Provident fund authorities for making it transparent and online assessed. To achieve 30% superannuation benefit AIBSNLEA continued  its efforts initially in BSNL C.O. Establishment cell where the GM(Estt.) was accepting only 1% contribution which  was not agreed by us and on our demand  a committee headed by Smt Geeta Rao the then ED(Finance )was constituted to whom AIBSNLEA pleaded for 12% remaining superannuation  benefit and the committee recommended 3% contribution. In the month of May-June 2016 AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations launched the agitation programme and got achieved 3% contribution from BSNL in superannuation benefit. However, AIBSNLEA continued its efforts to increase it upto 12% and management further considered to increase 2% and total now 5%.AIBSNLEA efforts will continue to achieve 12% contribution to achieve 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.  .

E2 and E3 standard Pay scales  to JTO and SDE equivalent executives :   

After the 2nd PRC recommendations notified in March -2009,AIBSNLEA demanded standard Pay Scales E2 and E3 to JTO and SDE equivalent executives. And got rectified the Pay anomaly from the Sh. K.C.G.K. Pillai, the then PGM(FP) committee report by giving 5-advance increments in the  revised Pay Scale after 2ndPRC implementation which removed the pay anomaly of JTO/JAO. Initially issue of granting intermediary pay scales E1-A and E2-A to JTO and SDE equivalent executives was sent to DOT/DPE by BSNL but DPE denied to grant intermediately pay scales, these intermediary  pay scale effort was made by BSNL but all the time DPE disagreed BSNL proposal. In view of the DPE denial of intermediately Pay scales AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA demanded the standard pay scales E-2 and E-3 to JTO and SDE equivalent executives and subsequent upgradation of E-3 to E-4,E-4 to E-5, E-5 to E-6 and E-6 by E-7. Accordingly on 06.06.2016 BSNL management sent proposal to DOT recommending replacement of E1-A by E-2, E-2A by E-3 and upgradation of subsequent pay scales of E-3 by E-4,E-4 by E-5 , E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7.This proposal was in  active consideration of  DOT. But after the membership verification of Executive Association in Dec.2016 Majority Association  mounted the pressure on BSNL management to limit the proposal up to the replacement of E1-A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 only. BSNL Management further send a revised proposal to  DOT limiting replacement of Pay scales E1-A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 and the subsequent upgradation of  E-3 by E-4,E-4 by E-5 , E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 may be considered at the time of implementation of 3rdPRC. This kind of modification was not appreciated by DOT and they categorically mentioned that in case E1A and E2A are replaced by E2 and E3 Pay scales leaving aside the upgradation of subsequent pay scales will invite litigation and  not logical. In view of this DOT Administration decided to downgrade the E1A by E1 and E2A by E2 standard scales and issued the Presidential orders. In a systematic manner the issue was killed by the so called Majority Association. However, AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts to get replaced E1A by E2 and E2A by E3 and subsequent upgradation of E-3 by E-4,E-4 by E-5 , E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 .

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