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The young and energetic comrades of AIBSNLEA BGTD district, organized a special General body meeting on 10 th of October 2018 at auditorium VI flr Telephone House ,Office of PGM BGTD in agrand manner. The hall was jam packed with huge gathering.The meeting was presided by Com. S G Hegde district President AIBSNLEA BGTD.District Secretary Com. Nagaraju welcomed Shri. Prahalad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, VP(CHQ)Com. Chakoli Appalal, CP Com. Ulhas V Gurau, CS Com. SK Hiremath to the diasCom. Meenakumari C G ADS (PA/PS) welcomed the dignitaries on the dias & all thecomrades for the meeting.

GS Com. Prahald Rai was fali cited by circle body on this occasion. A special garlanding
made by Com.Sagaya Raj AO(ADS BGTD) on behalf of 2010 JAO batch. He expressed
the gratitude to the GS for the promotions.

CS Com. S K Hiremath on behalf of AIBSNLEA KTK Circle while addressing expressedthat the comrades of the KTK Circle are ever grateful to GS for having pursued & gotreleased the promotion orders for more than 12000 executives with in a short time.GS in his address gave details about the efforts of AIBSNLEA in getting resolved theimportant HR issues after the formation of BSNL. He appraised the status of HR issuesand about the DPCs from JTO-SDE, SDE-DE, DE-DGM, AO-CAO, CAO-DGM(F), Civilelectrical, architectural, ADOL, PA/PS, regularization of officiating JTOs, CPSU-CH. Heexplained the efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of DrRecruitment executives, the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL etc.,. He alsomentioned about the progress regarding pension revision and 3 rd PRC in detail. Heappraised the meetings with DDG(Budget) / DDG(pers) DOT and meeting with MOC Hon.Minister of communication Shri. Manoj Sinha in respect of implementation of 3 rd PRC with15% benefit held on 8 th & 9 th of Oct’2018. It was assured by the minister that a favorable news about 3 rd PRC will be getting before the end of this month. He expressed his viewsthat KTK is very important circle in all respect. He congratulated and thanked the comrades of KTK Circle for organizing the meeting in a grand manner within a short time.
The meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by Com. Sagaya Raj ADS BGTD.

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