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The General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA Shimoga Telecom District was held on 16.09.2018 at 11.30 hrs in the conference hall of office of the General Manager, Shimoga Telecom District.
The meeting was presided over by the District President Com. T. Rajappa.
The meeting was attended by
Com. S.K.Hiremath, AIBSNLEA KTK Circle Secretary, Bangalore,
Com. A. J. Chakoli, Vice President AIBSNLEA CHQ,
Com. B S SUNIL KUMAR District Secretary AIBSNLEA Shimoga,
Com. S.S. Ritti DGM (Finance), Shimoga Telecom District
Com. V.C. Hiremath DGM (Admin), Shimoga Telecom District,
Senior Officers and comrades in large number from all cadres. 
Retired BSNL Officers of AIBSNLEA Com. R. Subbanna, Com. S.G.Shivaswamy, Com. S.M.Jagadeesh, Com. E. Basavaraju, Com. V. Muralidharan, Com. Daniel Nazarath,Com. Y. R. Nagaraj, VP BSNLEU Shimoga Telecom District,Com. Santhimmappa, DS BSNLMS Shimoga Telecom District.
All new members of AIBSNLEA Shimoga district were also present in the Meeting.The Conference Hall was jam packed with the comrades.
    The agenda of the meeting was immaculately hosted by Com. K. Ranganath Rao, the meeting was commenced by invitation of dignitaries to the dais with flower, followed by an invocation song performed by Com. Smt C.G.Sundarmani.  The dignitaries were welcomed by Com. B.G. Parmeshwar and Lighting of Lamp was done by the guests on stage.
     The District secretary report and Finance secretary report was submitted in the house gathering and was accepted by all comrades.
     As a mark of respect and gratitude to the retired BSNL Officers who were the strong foundation of the AIBSNLEA association image in Shimoga District were felicitated by Shawl, Garland and Memento by the dignitaries.
Com. S.G.Shivaswamy thanked for the felicitation on behalf of all Retired BSNL Officers.
     Com. S.K.Hiremath, AIBSNLEA KTK Circle Secretary and Com. A. J. Chakoli, Vice President AIBSNLEA CHQ, were also felicitated in a grand fashion and was followed by the felicitation of Com. S.S. Ritti DGM (Finance), Shimoga Telecom District and Com. V.C. Hiremath DGM (Admin), Shimoga Telecom District.
     Com. Y. R. Nagaraj, VP BSNLEU Shimoga Telecom District and Com. Santhimmappa, DS BSNLMS Shimoga Telecom District, congratulated the efforts of AIBSNLEA general body meeting and told about the various roles played by unions and association
    At the outset, Com. A. J. Chakoli, Vice President AIBSNLEA CHQ, briefly narrated about the struggles of AIBSNLEA at CHQ level for the struggle in stopping CPSU cadre hierarchy wrong implementation, achievement in getting JTO – SDE, SDE-DE/AGM, JAO – AO Promotions and told about the AO-CAO, AGM-DGM promotions status.  He also told about the wrong policies of MT Recruitments, detrimental implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and enlightened about the failure of Majority association in keeping the promises of E2-E3 Scales, 3rd PRC etc., He concluded by appealing to all comrades about the need of the hour for all Direct Recruits to unite under one forum and fight for the realization of Pay, Promotion and Pension in future in BSNL.
     The gathered members were given opportunity to speak in the Meeting about any pending issues and Com. Gowri Ravi resented the position of PA/PS cadre which is being neglected and told about the stagnation of Pay.
     The newly added members of AIBSNLEA at Shimoga SSA comprising of JTOs, JAOs, SDE and PA were gestured with a flower and welcomed personally by our beloved Com. S.K.Hiremath, AIBSNLEA KTK Circle Secretary.
     Com. S.K.Hiremath, AIBSNLEA KTK Circle Secretary, thanked Shimoga SSA for the hospitality and the commitment shown in holding the General Body on Sunday and thanked all gathered members wholeheartedly for their presence. He deliberated on the PA/PS Cadre issue that it was seriously taken up at CWC meeting and was one of the important agenda and assured for getting justice to the cadre.  He extended his sincere gratitude to Shimoga District for the efforts in keeping the CSC open even on Sunday at such early morning and congratulated for the efforts of staff for their devotion in duty. He told about the effect of competition on BSNL growth and revenue and deliberated about the 3rd PRC issue being back staged due to the failure of AUAB unity.  He clearly gave all the technical details about the cash crunch in BSNL and how it is affecting the survival of BSNL, the role of BSNL management taking advantage of Unions and Associations indifferences by divide and rule method, detrimental CPSU cadre hierarchy, non-implementation of E2-E3 scale, progress made in SAB, AIBSNLEA role in overcoming Stagnation of Telecom stream Promotions, and achievements in Accounts cadre promotions. He stressed the need to always be vigilant and cautious to protect the interest of BSNL.  He also told that with unity and co-operation among the Associations and Unions is the only way to resolve any issue at any level.
    Com. S.K.Hiremath, AIBSNLEA KTK Circle Secretary, concluded by affirming that if AIBSNLEA wins through membership then it is the only association where the individual needs of employees can be rightly resolved without taking any shortcuts and BSNL organisation as a whole will become number one all over India.
     Com. V.C.Hiremath, DGM (Admin) Shimoga congratulated the efforts of AIBSNLEA district members in their efforts in making Shimoga earn good revenue.  He recognized the efforts of District President Com. T.Rajappa in his service rendered.
Com. S.S. Ritti, DGM (Finance) Shimoga, briefed about the profit and loss of Shimoga SSA accounts. He signified and envisioned the realization of revenue through various opportunities available in Shimoga.
      Com. T. Rajappa, District president Shimoga addressed the gathering and thanked the leaders, retired officers and members for attending the meeting and thanked the administration for supporting AIBSNLEA in various issues and resolving them amicably.
      Com. Bhaskar Javali extended the vote of thanks to all dignitaries of the dais, various union dignitaries, retired employees, all gathered members, senior officers and presentation by Com. K. Ranganath Rao.
The existing District Association body was dissolved and the new office bearers were unanimously elected.  The list of new Shimoga District AIBSNLEA Association office bearers are
  1. District President –              RAJAPPA
  2. District Secretary –              S. SUNIL KUMAR
  3. Finance Secretary –              G. PARAMESHWAR
  4. District Vice President –              BHASKAR JAVALI
  5. Assistant District Secretary 1 –              CHANDRALATHA
  6. Assistant District Secretary 2 –              P. PRAVEEN KUMAR
  7. Assistant Finance Secretary –              RAVIKUMAR K.M.
  8. Organizing Secretary –              VISHWANATH
  9. District Executive Members –
    • K. NAGARAJ


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