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Meeting with Sr .GM (FP), BSNL CO regarding to AO to CAO promotion:  

A) GS, President and AGS (Fin.) met Sr. GM FP and discussed regarding AO to CAO promotions and requested to issue promotion order to CAO Grade.

Sr. GM(FP) informed  that the proposal to fill up the vacant  CAO posts about  600 has been approved by the Competent Authority for expediting CPC. SEA Cell has already called the VCRs of the eligible candidates from CVO. Sr.GM(FP) today met personally with CVO CO, BSNL for issuing VCRs at the earliest. Sr. GM(FP) mentioned that VCRs are expected to be received by day after tomorrow and after conduction of CPCs and approval of minutes by the Competent Authority, the promotion orders may be issued in the next week only.  

GM(Pers) in our last meeting held yesterday informed that the  upgradation of the posts in   all the disciplines, decision will be taken by the Competent Authority only.

It is understood that the Competent Authority is not happy due to filing of the Contempt cases against CMD BSNL, Director(HR) and other Officers for issuing the promotion orders on JTO to SDE and SDE to DE. The contempt cases have been filed in the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam and Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh by some DR. JTOs and Shri Ramesh Kumar, SDE & District Secretary, SNEA Rothak, Harayana respectively. So it seems that till the time contempt cases are not withdrawn or disposed off no upgradation of posts will be taken by the Competent Authority.

B) Utilization of MT quota CAO Posts to Seniority quota promotions: We requested the Sr.GM(FP) to take the approval of the  Management Committee of BSNL Board for the utilization of 336 MT quota CAO Posts to Seniority quota promotions till the time diversion of theses posts is approved by the BSNL Board and decision on upgradation to CAO Posts are taken. Sr.GM(FP) assured to look in to the matter.

 Meeting with Sr .GM (FP), BSNL CO regarding to AO to CAO promotion: GS, President and AGS (Fin.) met Sr. GM FP and discussed regarding AO to CAO promotions and requested to issue promotion order with upgradation and existing clear vacant posts of CAO. We explained that our AOs are waiting for promotion for the last 15 years. Sr. GM (FP) appreciated our concern and explained that the proposal to fulfill the existing vacant CAO posts about 600 has been sent to GM (Pers.) for clearance to issue promotion orders. She also mentioned that the earlier proposal to upgrade the post in CAO grade is pending in Pers. cell for clearance. After the clearance and approval of the competent authority the upgradation to CAO posts will be considered. She assured for early issuance of the promotion order to fill up the vacant CAO posts the VCRs of the eligible AOs have been called from vigilance cell. We requested to issue promotion order subject to availability of VC at circle level.

We persuaded in the Pers. Cell to the concern officers for giving early clearance to the AO to CAO promotions against vacant CAO posts and upgradation to CAO posts. It is understood that shortly clearance will be given by Pers. cell for AO to CAO promotion against vacant posts but regarding upgradation of the posts in   all the discipline, decision will be by the competent authority. 

GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding

(i) HR integration in BSNL…… – <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ii) Promotion from AO to CAO through upgradation…… <<<Click here for letter>>>>

SEA Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued letter regarding  missing APARs of 64 AOs / Sr AOs up to period ending 31-03-2017   ..<<<Click here for letter>>>….

Circle Secretaries are requested to take up issue with their respective HR Section to complete the same on priority.

 GS writes to Smt. Sujata T. Ray, Director(HR), BSNL Board regarding SDE to DE Promotion of Executive under Seniority List No. 8 & 9 <<<Click here for letter>>>

10.09.2018GS writes to Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C), Govt. Of India,  Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi regarding

(i) Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL and other related issue including allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL -Request to grant a  Meeting   <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ii) Request for considering 3rd PRC recommendation implementation with 15% fitment benefit to BSNL executives <<<Click here for letter>>>

 Meeting with GM (Estt.) BSNL C.O.:

GS, President met GM (Estt.) BSNL C.O. New Delhi and discussed regarding implementation of FR22(1)(a)(i) for the officiating JTOs as per the Judgement delivered by Hon’ble CAT Ernakulum bench and uphelded  by the Hon’ble High Court Kerala and Hon’ble Supreme Court. GM (Estt.) mentioned that the recent Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment in this regard was sent to CGM (Legal) for legal opinion and they opinioned to file review petition in the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Now Estt. Cell has proposed to the competent authority for its implementation .The decision is yet to be received by Estt. Cell from the competent authority. He assured that as soon as this judgement for Kerala is implemented it will be generalized for all the officiating JTOs in BSNL.

Meeting with CMD BSNL : GS, President & AGS (Fin) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding

A) Holding of CPCs from AO to CAO, JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and DE to DGM(T)) and other equivalent cadres: We requested CMD BSNL to promote all the eligible executives of all disciplines to their next grade through CPCs by filling up the vacant posts and by upgradation of requisite number of posts in the next grade. CMD BSNL after some discussions on the status of the pending court cases assured to get examine the matter.

Regarding AO to CAO Promotion, we appraised CMD that the screening of about 1405 has been completed by the SEA cell thus the promotion orders should be issued at the earliest.  CMD assured to look in to the matter.

B) Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL: we appraised the CMD BSNL regarding AIBSNLEA meeting with Hon’ble MOS (Water Resources) Shri. Arjun Ramji Meghwal and his assurance for arranging an early meeting with Hon’ble MOSC(I/C). CMD appreciated our efforts and assured his full support.

 Meeting with Sr.GM(FP): GS, President & AGS(Fin) met Sr.GM(FP) and discussed regarding AO to CAO promotion. We requested Sr.GM (FP) to process the proposal for upgradation of 1200 Posts to CAO grade to reduce the stagnation. Sr.GM (FP) mentioned that at present the proposal to fill up all the vacant CAO posts is being sent to the Competent Authority for approval. There after the proposal of the upgradation of posts to CAO will be processed. We requested Sr.GM (FP) that both the proposals can be moved simultaneously to avoid the delay. She assured that after discussion with the Competent Authority she will process the upgradation proposal. We requested an early action in this regard.

  Meeting with DDG (Estt), DOT: GS & President met DDG (Estt), DOT and discussed regarding the revision of Pension of the BSNL Pensioners. DDG (Estt) informed that the reply to DOP&W of their queries are yet to be replied. We appraised him about the reply received from DOP&W regarding the ruling position of CDA Pension revision and IDA pension revision. He assured to look in to the matter.

 AIBSNLEA Meeting with Sri Arjun Ram Meghwal  Hon’ble Minister of State for Water resources: GS, President, AGS (Fin) met with Sri Arjun Ram Meghwal  Hon’ble Minister of State for Water resources and requested him to use his good office for arranging a meeting  with Hon’ble MOSC (IC) Sri Manoj Sinha Ji for reconsideration of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL, Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners, Payment of pension contribution on actual basic Pay and allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL. After detailed discussions Hon’ble Minister of State for Water resources assured to arrange a meeting with Hon’ble MOSC (IC) Sri Manoj Sinha Ji within 2-3 days to discuss the above issues. We provided the letters addressed to  Hon’ble MOSC (IC) in this regard. Meeting is expected shortly. Click here for glimpses>>>>>   <<<Photo1>>>    <<<Photo2>>>     <<<Photo3>>>    <<<Photo4>>>  <<<Photo5>>>

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