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CWC meeting at Dehradun

AIBSNLEA successfully completed the 3rd CWC meeting held  at Dehradun on 18th & 19th Aug 2018.  From our circle , CS, CP, CHQ office bearers and all the CWC members attended and actively participated in a;; the deliberations.

Circle secretary, Comrade. Sri S K Hiremath highlighted all the issues which were discussed in the meeting held at Bangalore on 13th August 2018 Viz.,

  1. Shortage of staff and down fall of revenue.
  2. Disparity in pay case of JAO 2003 batch.
  3. Promotion from AO to CAO.
  4. Rule 8 transfer of JAOs and conducting exam for departmental candidates.
  5. One time upgradation of PA Ps cadre
  6. Implementation of FR22(a) for all JTO.
  7. Conducting CPC  for SAG in Finance Cadre for eligible departmental Officers,
  8. CPC for JTOs, SDEs and AGMs, Civil, Electrical and Architectural cadre.

Apart from the above , the below mentioned issues were also deliberated Viz

  1. Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15 % benefits.
  2. Implementation E2, E3 standard pay scales
  3. Rs 22,820 pay for JAOs and JTOs
  4. CPC for all before implementation of SPSU CHs.30% superannuation benefits.
  5. Diversion of MT QUOTA posts of CAO.
  6. Scrapping of MTRR/DGMRRs Etc., a general Body meeting will be called for shortly to highlight the deliberations


Next All India conference:  It is decided in the CWC that the 6th AIC will be conducted probably during February 2019 either at Vijayawada or at Hyderabad.



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