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Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi

GS, President and AGS (HQ) met Director (HR), BSNL Board. GM (SR), GM (Pers) and OSD to Director (HR) were also present in the meeting. We expressed our serious concern over the issuance of letter dated 07.08.2018 by the Pers Cell on revision of seniority list of TES Gr “B” in compliance of Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment dated 21.01.2015 and 14.12.2017 in Civil Appeal No(s). 4389 of 2010 wherein demotion of thousands of the executives is contemplated by the version of Pers. Cell which is of the opinion that on the recommendations made by the Expert Committee, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has refrained from passing any order thereon, except that 14 persons who were said to have been given promotions – 3 persons in BSNL and 11 persons in MTNL may not be now disturbed. This is misinterpretation by the Pers. Cell. We requested Director (HR) to have an independent advice from the ASG of India on the plan of the Pers. Cell for the implementation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments dated 21.01.2015 and 14.12.2017.


After detailed discussion on our pleading, Director (HR) directed GM (Pers) to take the advice from the ASG of Govt. of India. She also directed GM (Pers) to issue a clarification immediately that consequent to revised seniority, the pension of the retired executives will not be reduced. She also assured us that on receipt of the advice from the ASG the implementation plan will be reviewed and modified accordingly.


AIBSNLEA is consulting and taking legal advice from its Advocate who have pleaded the case in the Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as in the Expert Committee and accordingly on the that basis further action will be taken immediately.


Conduction of CPCs in all the disciplines:

We further requested Director (HR) to conduct CPCs of all the eligible executives in all the disciplines to be promoted to the next grade before implementation of the CPSU CH. Director (HR) directed GM (Pers) to put up the proposal for conducting the CPCs immediately to CMD BSNL for approval. GM (Pers) assured an early action in this regard.

08.08.2018:  Look after Arrangement in the higher grade/s by Executives of Finance Stream in Maharashtra Circle – Clarification issued by BSNL Corporate Office:

BSNL Corporate Office issued a clarification that the executives who ae reluctant to hold the responsibility of higher grade being assigned to them under look after arrangement due to any reason may be allowed to submit their refusal requests and the competent authority may accept their refusal requests with the understanding that they are refusing to shoulder the higher responsibility . In that scenario, such executives need not be enforced to join the higher post ordered under the look after scheme and some alternative arrangement be made. 

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07.08.2018:  BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued Clarification on Joining / relieving of officers on promotion to AGM(T) as asked by some circles w.r.t Para 9(a) of promotion order issued <<<Click here for clarification>>>
07.08.2018:  BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued revision of Seniority List of TES Group- ‘B’ in compliance of Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 21.01.2015 and 14.12.2017 in Civil Appeal No (s) 4389 of 2010.

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Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment regarding SDE Seniority as per Rule-206 issued the revised SDE seniority list by demoting the SDEs/DEs/DGMs already promoted on basis of year of recruitment basis whereas Hon’ble Supreme Court on the basis of Expert Committee Headed by Shri K. Ramamurthi, Retd, Judge of Hon’ble HC Madras. This act  of BSNL Management  amounts contempt of court.

AIBSNLEA will protest against such manipulation & depriving thousands of serving & retd. executives from their legitimate benefits.

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