You are here:--Executive meeting of AIBSNLEA BGTD on 22.08.2017

Executive meeting of AIBSNLEA BGTD on 22.08.2017

A well arranged executive meeting was conducted by Dist, Sec. AIBSNLEA Com. Nagaraju and his team on 22.08.2017 at Telephone House O/o PGM BGTD. The meeting was addressed by Co. Chakoli Appalal V.P.CHQ, N.Delhi, Com. S.K.Hiremath Cir.Sec.KTK,& Com. Ulhas V Gurav Cir.Prez. KTK. Dis. Sec. Com.Nagaraj, in his welcome address congratulated & thanked his team members & also the Cir.Off. bearers for their continuous support in enhancing the membership particularly in BGTD during June, July 2017. The membership of BGTD which stood at 195 in the month of Jan. 2017 has increased to 238 during July 2017 in spite of huge retirement in the executive cadre. He thanked the C.S. KTK for resolving many cases pertaining to BGTD including transfer & postings. C.S. Com. Hiremath in his opening remarks congratulated all the comrades for extending solidarity and their support in discharging his duties as C.S. on various occasions. He elaborated the deliberations held at Tiruvananthapuram on the occasion of 2nd AICWC. He gave a detailed report about the problems taken up at Circle level after membership verification. He said our association is in forefront in resolving the problems of our members. Com. Chakoli Appalal V.Prez. CHQ N.Delhi was overwhelmed to see the gathering of executive members. Almost all the executive members were present in the meeting. In his address he appealed the members to have patience .He explained in detail about the deliberations took place at TVDM on 11 & 12 th Aug . 2017. He said the CMD and his team are having full faith in our G.S. for his efforts in implementation of 3 rd PRC. He also said that the revenue of other operators for the 1 st Quarter is declining whereas there is an increasing trend as far as the revenue of BSNL is concerned. He appealed one all to be united and strengthen the hands of C.S.AIBSNLEA  by increasing the membership in the days to come.


Cir.Prez. Com Ulhas V Gurav praised the C.S. for his achievements made after membership verification especially the retention of AGM’s in their respective SSA’s on their return from other Circles after completion of their tenure. He stressed upon for recruitment of J.E. JTO’s locally to overcome the shortage in the cadre. He said that the so-called majority association is least bothered about the growth of BSNL  its revenue in KTK Circle. The leaders of said majorityassociations are repeatedly pressurizing the Cir. Administration to approve the Rule-8 cases knowing well that there is acute shortage, as much as 70% in KTK Circle including major SSA’s like BGTD, MYS TD, Hubli TD BLGM TD.We are not against the Rule -8 transfers where as we have acute shortage of JTO’s in KTK circle. We emphasis that the first priority to fill up the acute shortage of JTO’s in KTK circle.Com.

Venkataraman ADS expressed his displeasure over the members abstaining from the duty without the call from Central HQ. He suggested forming of few more branches Area-wise to strengthen the association activities. Cir.Fin.Sec.Com.ThulasiRamaiah H J & Com.Veerappa Shettar Vice.Prez. were also present on the dias.Before conclusion of the meeting Com.MeenaKumari ADS PA/PS gave vote of thanks to the gathering.

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