A meeting of Circle Office bearers was held at Davanagere on 10/09/2019 and it has been decided to form the various committees for smooth conducting  the 7th Circlde Conference at Davanagere.  Open session on 12/10/2019 at 1430 Hrs & delegate session on 13/10/2019.

Chief convenor Com. Hanumanthappa Bajjare  Mob No. 9449855558

The following committee were formed.

Reception committee:

1 Com Krishne Gowda AGM Retd. Mob No 9449994466 Co-ordinator
2  Com. R A   Manjunath) Mob No. 9449853939 Member
3 Com.  Madiwalar  G F   DE    Mob No. 94498155521 Member
4  Com. Prashanth Kumar H JTO Mob. No. 9483462567 Member
5  Com,  Rajaiah, B C  AGM Mob. No. 9449859009 Member
6  Com. Ramesh Kamath, ADOL    Mob. No. 9449859998 Member
7  Com. Ananth JTO       Mob. No. 9448155000-       Member


B) Food Committee:   Com. S G Hegde, Com. Shivalingappa to coordinate with

     Davanagere Food  Committee members

1 Com. Ranadhir Kumar JAO  Mob No 9482656155
2  Com. Murugesha    AT             Mob. No. 9449855542
3 . Com. P S Kulkarni  AO        Mob. No. 9449855525

C) Transport Committee:

1. Com. Khale Khan  Mob No 9448326786
2. Com. Kanteppa   Mob. No. 9483513619
3.  Com.K B Ramesh                     Mob. No. 9483513619
4.  Com.Mahesh T                         Mob. No. 9448360100

 D) Accommodation committee:

1.  Com.  G G Bhat Mob No. 9448530644
2. Com. Hanumanthappa Bajjare Mob No. 9449855558

E) Delegation Fee: Delegate fee fixed at Rs 800/ per delegate.

       Accommodation will be provided only for the delegates as per the norms(one delegate for 20 members), DS/DP/ Circle officer bearers/CHQ office bearers/ CWC members will be the ex-officious delegates.  The additional members/special invitees should bear their accommodation charges at their own cost with advance intimation to the District Secretary Davanagere  Com .Hanumanthappa  Bajjare

NOTE:  Prior to  7th Circle conference to be held at Davanagere on 12th & 13th Oct 2019, It is requested  to conduct District conference  those who have due for  the same